to FUEL the dream of CHANGEMAKERS.

Leave it to the pro’s at Marble. We’ve seen it before. 

We are solid financials. We build and we fix.

We take care of automating finance processes, implementing internal controls, financial control and audit support.

From setting up and implementing finance processes to ensuring you have a great financial staff on board that is able to further optimise your business. Or you just need help getting the audit signed sealed and delivered.

Leave it to the pro’s at Marble. Let us do, what we do best, fixing your financials.

As a scale-up or fast changing company, your focus is on growing the business and making it a success. You want to do what you do best. Make a change and have an impact on the world. You’re an entrepreneur, a visionary. Your core business is not running a tight financial ship.

Making sure you are able to grow your (international) business in a financially sound and secure way. Where your financial processes are on point and you get the insights you need to make choices. 

How we’ll get you to the moon, well financially speaking.

Our way of working

We as Marble become part of your team.

With Marble, you have a multi-disciplinary team at your disposal. We have a broad range of experience in audit, scale-ups, managing finance teams, controlling & reporting. You get the best of everything and we are nice people too! You’ll have us on speed dial in no time.

With short communication lines, an open and transparent attitude, and a can-do mentality we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your business is a success.

We want to make a difference. For your business. For your future. That means we always feel part of your team. We stir things up, think beyond the numbers and statistics. Your dream becomes our dream and therefore we are fully committed and engaged.

We will go the extra mile and we are only satisfied when we have exceeded your expectations. We will be your critical friend, ask the right questions, and do what is necessary instead of what is asked.


The finance-to-the-moon travel options 


From advanced bookkeeping to CFO. We are all in one. From just a few hours per week.

Interim fixers

Are your finances ready for growth? You need a fixer who can build a scalable process.  Automating? YES!

Audit support

The auditor on your side of the table.  Your flexible team member, who bridges the gap between auditor and company. Everybody happy.

We love numbers

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Building solid financials makes our day!

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Don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews from our customers. As our mission states, ‘We unlock the power of numbers to fuel the dreams of changemakers.


This is what truly makes our hearts beat faster: being part of the client’s team, achieving measurable results, gaining deeper insights, reducing time-consuming tasks, and being ready to further grow!


Stand on the shoulders of giants, they say. Read interviews with scale-up CFO’s, auditors and find other must-know facts when growing your business.

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